Thursday, September 12, 2019

Employee Involvement. Do employee involvement programs improve Essay

Employee Involvement. Do employee involvement programs improve organizational performance Discuss with reference to a minimum of four empirical studies - Essay Example Employee engagement provides them with opportunities to face off with challenging work tasks that require critical thinking to solve, thereby encouraging creativity in the workforce, which eventually becomes a great source of competitive advantage for the organization (Suhasini & Babu 2013, p.146). In that respect, a highly engaged workforce is able to acquire and develop exceptional talents, skills and experience in organizational tasks, thereby becoming extremely effective and reliable in accomplishing tasks while promoting the overall performance of the firm accordingly. The highly diversified talents possessed by an organization’s workforce are its greatest resource because they are its source of competitive advantage and without which the firm cannot function in the face of the highly complex and dynamic global business environment. The complex challenges facing organizations today require massive talent and skills, which can only be developed through creative thinking an d engagement at the workplace, but that cannot happen until the workforce is highly engaged in the intricate workplace environment. Effective talent management at the workplace through quality human resource management practices is a vital precursor to high organizational performance because it eventually inspires confidence and loyalty in the workforce, thereby earning their unending commitment to the firm (Abdulkadir, Isiaka, & Adedoyin, 2012 p.124). Precisely, employee engagement at the workplace makes them feel not only appreciated, but also acknowledged; thus, employee engagement raises their levels of self-esteem, as well as self-worth, and their motivation in organizational tasks inevitably rises eventually leading to high organizational performance eventually. A highly motivated workforce is every organization’s key strategic resource for winning competition and

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